Methods and Tools

There are a number of established, and some less well know, approaches to understanding and measuring social impact.There are also a number of related methods or tools which can help an organisation get a better understanding of the outcomes it generates; or support commissioners or those engaged with service design or delivery to understand better how to achieve certain outcomes from a given service.

This section aims to support a better understanding of some of the key methodologies and tools for understanding, measuring and evaluating social impact, including a developed section onĀ Social Return on Investment (SROI). It offers an introduction to some prominent approaches, methodologies and tools, and provides links to further sources of more detailed information, as well as some guidance on the appropriateness of featured approaches in realtion to their use and focus. Many of the approaches and methodologies included in this section are also applicable to the commissioning and design of services, where a commissioner or service provider wishes to take an outcomes approach to this process.

We are keen to ensure that the information we provide in this section is up to date and that whatever information we provide is accurate. We are also keen to ensure that we include as many relevant approaches, methods and tools here as possible. If you or your organisation would like to provide content or links to further resources within this section, please get in touch with us.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)Social Return on Investment (SROI)



Theory of Change



Social Accounting and AuditSocial Accounting and Audit (SAA)



Logic ModelsLogic Models



Social IMPact measurement for Local Economies (SIMPLE)Social IMPact measurement for Local Economies (SIMPLE)



Third Sector Performance DashboardThird Sector Performance Dashboard



Social Enterprise Balanced Score CardSocial Enterprise Balanced Score Card



Volunteering Impact Assessment ToolkitVolunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit



Local Multiplier 3 (LM3)Local Multiplier 3 (LM3)



Quality EvaluationQuality Evaluation



Measuring Environmental ImpactMeasuring Environmental Impact



Consultant Facilitated Impact AssesmentConsultant Facilitated Impact Assesment



Outcomes StarOutcomes Star



The Rickter ScaleThe Rickter Scale