Understanding Social Impact and Allocating Funding

If funders place a high importance on evidencing outcomes as part of their funding criteria, there are several factors worth thinking about, when considering an organisation’s point of view. As impact assessment may be seen as a test for organisation and this may raise concerns about the funding they receive, it is useful to communicate with organisations in a clear manner, to avoid any ambiguity about what is expected from them.

As part of the beginning stage of applying for a fund, the following specifications may be useful for organisations, if they are not already thinking about them:

-  Considering their overall value created in terms of outcomes and their key stakeholders

- Think about the information needing to be collected in order to monitor data to evidence outcomes and methods to measure ‘softer’ outcomes, such as confidence and wellbeing

- Stakeholder engagement – do organisations communicate with the key stakeholders to find out how they are affected and how much time will be required?