Registers of Scotland (RoS) & Haven Products PSP

A summary and the evaluative report of the social return generated by the employability pilot collaboration between Registers of Scotland (RoS) and Haven Products. As part of the Scottish Government funded Public Social Partnerships Project, delivered by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, in conjunction with Forth Sector Development.

Registers of Scotland & Haven Products PSP SROI

The aim of the pilot was to extend Haven’s innovative Complementary Workforce model to working in partnership with RoS. Complementary Workforce works by placing existing work-experienced disabled Haven Associates in roles within partner businesses to which their skills are suited, and for which there is a business need. Before starting on the Complimentary Workforce all Haven Associates went through a five to six week process designed to ensure they were suitable for the position, confident at taking on this new challenge and ready to start.

The pilot offered employment and development opportunities for disabled people and aimed to fill 10% of RoS flexible resourcing with associates from Haven. Ongoing support for Haven Associates was be provided by mentors who were recruited from RoS staff. Further support was offered by the Haven team.

The analysis in this report was carried out using Social Return on Investment which tells the story of the change affected by our activities, told from the perspective of the stakeholders. SROI places a monetary value on outcomes, so that they can be added up and compared with the investment made.


The report shows how the pilot has made a real difference to the lives of 12 people with disabilities who engaged with the pilot over its period of operation. The positive outcomes experienced by the Associates working on the pilot also affected their family members and friends who benefited from the changes as well.

Other stakeholders are also affected by the changes created by the pilot and the scope of this report was restricted to analysing the outcomes experienced by key interested parties namely

• Haven Products
• Registers of Scotland
• Registers of Scotland Mentors
• Scottish Government
• National Health Service
• Department of Work and Pensions

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of an SROI evaluation and it was very important for the Pilot to find out what change really happened to its key stakeholders. A number of methods were used to monitor and measure the change that the associates, their mentors, as well as their families and friends have experienced as a result of their involvement with the Pilot. The associates did initial interviews before they started their placement with RoS and then were engaged with on a monthly basis. Their families and friends filled in surveys at the beginning and at the end of the process. Haven and RoS employees and mentors have been interviewed during their staff review meetings, as well as using RoS’ internal surveys.


An impact map was created following engagement with the key stakeholders and a range of outcomes were identified including:

• Improved Quality of Life (increased confidence and self esteem, increased feeling of responsibility for own life, increased self belief, feeling successful feeling useful)
• More positive about life
• Improved Employability (teamworking, communication, work skills and experience)
• Improved physical, mental health and fitness
• Improved social networks and decreased feeling of social isolation
• Gaining Employment
• Less anxiety
• Raising awareness of disability issues, overcoming discrimination
• Increase in number of people with disabilities in employment
• Healthier population with increased ability to take part in the workplace
• Increase in income for people with disabilities
• Savings in Benefit payments
• Increased tax payments


The total impact calculated for the partnership between ROS and Haven under the assumptions was £478,999. The value of this impact is future years is discounted to net present values using a discount rate of 3.5%. The total present value of the pilot is calculated at £665,137. The total investment in the partnership was £66,962. The SROI index is a result of dividing the total present value by the investment. This gives a social return of £9.93 for every £1 invested in the pilot.