Forth Sector case study

This report presents a forecast of the social return created by the Forth Sector’s Business Development Plan that forecasts substantial growth over the next five years.


Forth Sector, set up in 1990, is one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises
that creates supportive employment for people with mental health problems through running social enterprises (social firms).

The opportunities provided within these real working environments support
people to recover from the impact of their mental ill health, increase their
employability and regain or retain employment.

Forth Sector’s businesses operate in a range of markets, including tourism,
catering, laundry and embroidery services and manufacturing/retail.


The change as a result of the Forth Sector’s main stakeholders has been
explored from the perspective of the stakeholder, measured and valued and recorded on an impact map. Positive and negative, intended and unintended changes have been considered. The amount of change that will happen anyway and/or will be down to others has also been estimated and taken into account.

Social change that this analysis explored and estimated the value of includes:

· as a result of working with Forth Sector clients are improving their
physical (fitness) and mental health (confidence, self esteem, mood,
outlook on the future) and are better able to cope with their issues
and life in general;

· as a result of working with Forth Sector clients are better able to deal
with other people (friends and family, social life, people skills);

· as a result of working with Forth Sector clients are happier with what
they do with their life (meaningful use of time, social status,
contribution to society);

· working with Forth Sector is a secure environment for clients to work

· Forth Sector’s work has an impact on the workload of other services
(increase or reduction);

· Forth Sector’s work changes the relationship of their clients with
other service providers (more confident clients that are better able
to communicate their wishes) and has a positive effect on the
relationship of clients with these other service providers;

· Occupational Therapists say their therapy is more effective because
their clients work with Forth Sector; and

· The government can make considerable savings because people far
removed from the labour market get into employment and do not
claim benefits and contribute through income tax.


PDF iconSROI?Forecast of Forth Sector Business Development Plan (PDF, 395KB)