The SROI Project

The Scottish Government and The Office for Civil Society (OCS) understand that demonstrating added social, economic and environmental value is more and more important for third sector organisations, their funders, investors and commissioners. In recognition of this, The Scottish Government and the OCS funded complimentary programmes to develop and disseminate Social return on Investment (SROI) – The SROI Project in Scotland and the Measuring Social Value project in England. the projects ran concurrently from 2009 to 2011.

The SROI Project was delivered by a consortium of organisations led by Forth Sector Development, and including The SROI Network, the Social Audit Network, the New Economics FoundationNew Philanthropy Capital, the Charities Evaluation Service and The Social Enterprise Academy. The project was designed to develop, promote and support the use of Social Return on Investment in Scotland and included a major engagement programme, with seminars, workshops and pilot studies as well as the production of an interactive website and a training programme. As a result of the project, many more third sector organisations have become aware of SROI, and the project contributed to the ground swell of interest in social impact measurement from funders and public sector commissioners and procurers.

A ‘Guide to SROI’ has been published through the Measuring Social Value project and is available to download here. A range of supplements to the guide are also available for download from the publications section of this site. Reports, case studies and further materials generated by the SROI Project will be available to download from this portal in a short while.